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Talent recruitment

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  • Expatriate accounting

    Post duties:
    1. Responsible for cash receipts and payments and bank settlement business;
    2, compiling and maintaining the company's business accounts and accurately recording the company's margin transactions;
    3, jointly with other departments to conduct regular inventory of property, timely cleaning of the current account;
    4. To deal with tax tax returns, business annual inspection and so on.
    5. The registration and storage of the books of fixed assets;
    6, submit the internal financial management report to the company's headquarters on a regular basis.
    7, complete the other work done by the leadership.
    Requirements for office:
    1, accounting professional or higher education, can adapt to long-term foreign work;
    3. Work conscientiously and conscientiously and have a good sense of professional ethics and professionalism.
    4. Be familiar with the management and declaration of VAT, enterprise income tax and so on; skillfully using financial software;
    5, with strong communication and coordination ability, interpersonal skills, planning and implementation ability;
    6, work conscientiously, responsible, practical and willing to have good professional ethics and professionalism.

  • Consultation telephone:

    The above position, work experience is preferred, fresh graduates, once hired, well paid; five social insurance and one housing fund, eight hours a day, weekends, holidays according to the provisions of the state. Phone call: 0535-8200961, the manager of Zhou


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