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2017.6.23 Hua Hai International chairman received an interview with Chinese agricultural capital

Time of publication:2018/02/08


Interview with Zhang Juntao, general manager of Yantai Hua Hai International Trade Co., Ltd.
There are many rivers and Lakes often have extraordinary things, because no mortal. The old legend of martial arts history, there is a chivalrous sloppily, the gas, the romance of the wilderness of the glint and flash of cold steel Bashanchaohai stalwart hero. The roaring waves agricultural arena, a knife axe, with a hail of bullets, ups and downs to fight the sea but no trumps the leader of the elite.
Zhang Juntao, just like the leader of the agricultural industry. China World Trade Center Huahai in more than 20 years, Zhang Juntao will build the company for the set of chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, steel production and processing, domestic and international trade in one of the specialized group, has been repeatedly named Chinese vanguard enterprises, Chinese potash fertilizer enterprise ten. Over the years the longitudinal pattern changes, TLIDEA always forward. The day before, an interview with reporters Zhang Juntao, talk about the view, on the chest Vals, appreciate the agricultural situation for thousands of weather, how to cast steel tempered fine.
The Pathfinder of China's chemical fertilizer border trade
Speaking of Zhang Juntao, witnessed the Yantai agricultural industry from scratch, from weak to strong old agricultural most thumbs up, said a "service". China's ten leading agricultural entrepreneurs, brands, ten leading figures in China (Agriculture), Chinese chemical fertilizer pioneer enterprises, ten Chinese potash fertilizer enterprises, and China's special contribution to chemical fertilizers award. Behind today's honorary life sized 20 years hard pioneer. Since the formation of Yantai Huahai International Trade Co., Ltd. in September 1996, Zhang Juntao has been leading the team in the production and marketing of all kinds of high-quality fertilizers for many years, and is determined to provide the best fertilizer products and services for Chinese agriculture and Chinese farmers. Today's China Sea China World Trade Center, sales network all over the country, potash fertilizer production capacity of the top ten, the top five domestic trade, business covers chemical fertilizer products, fertilizer raw materials, chemical raw materials of domestic production, sales and import and export, has become an important indispensable volume of domestic chemical fertilizer industry.
Zhang Juntao told reporters that at present China has 4 production enterprises, 3 circulation enterprises, respectively, with an annual output of 300 thousand tons of Golmud Tibet Huada granular potash fertilizer Co., an annual output of various granular potash fertilizer 500 thousand tons of Hubei Wanfeng Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., with an annual output of 80 thousand tons of potash fertilizer in Manchuria grain trade limited company, the production of potassium Yantai Aohua metallurgical seamless steel tube Co. Ltd. and Yantai Jiahua Energy Developments Ltd, Yantai Huaneng Pipe Industry Co. Ltd., Zhanjiang City Kano agricultural means of production limited company three enterprises. The main business categories of fertilizer sales, is covered by potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, calcium superphosphate, two dollars and three yuan compound fertilizer, organic inorganic compound fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, calcium chloride, imported sulphur and other mainstream category. Among them, the production and sale of potash fertilizer is undoubtedly the most advantageous core business in China World Trade Center, China Sea.
In 1993, I also participated in the border trade business in Manchuria Office of Shandong hardware group, mainly in the first mainland port of China -- Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, importing Russian nitrogenous fertilizer, chemical industry, steel and so on, and exported some products to Russia. In the past 1993-1997 years, we are called the banner of Yantai in Manchuria. At that time, many Yantai enterprises had given great help to the import and export of border trade, and made a lot of contacts. In the years in Manchuria, Zhang Juntao was tied up with agricultural capital and related to agricultural enterprises. By 1996, Zhang Juntao set up the China World Trade Center company of Huahai, and continued to engage in border trade, chemical and chemical fertilizer business as a private person. In 1998, China imported the first import of potassium chloride in China World Trade Center, China's first batch of border trade enterprises which imported the Russian potassium chloride.
As a pathfinder of China's potash fertilizer frontier business, Zhang Juntao has many feelings in his memory: "Hua Haiyi began to import industrial potassium chloride, then gradually began to import agricultural potassium chloride, mainly in the four northeastern provinces and Hebei. Compared with the present, it is easier to promote the product 20 years ago. Because of the lack of materials in China at that time, new things were quickly accepted once they came in. In 1998-1999 years, the company imports seventy thousand or eighty thousand tons of potassium chloride each year, and then quickly reaches tens of thousands of tons per year. At that time, the lowest price of potassium chloride in the border trade exceeded 900 yuan / ton, and the port was over 1000 yuan / ton, and the market was out of stock, and the demand was growing rapidly. In the peak season, the profit of the import of potassium chloride per ton is about 200 yuan. Under the impact of the market, the market of potash fertilizer in China began to shuffle from 1999, the efficiency of state-owned enterprises fell, and the private enterprises began to rise. China World Trade Center, China Sea, took this easterly wind and stepped up the first step of development. "
Chaos in the market a clear stream
Started from the trade, to conduct trade, Zhang Juntao hated the market for disorderly competition. Whether or phosphate potash market market, overcapacity, lower prices, credit, selling is not threatened the survival and development of enterprises in the way of agricultural. In Zhang Juntao's view, the agricultural market confusion is ultimately agricultural people have created for themselves, let the market return to stability, the trouble should end it.
The rapid growth of the import of potassium fertilizer by sea and land in 2000 resulted in a short period of saturation in the domestic market, the relative surplus of the products and the difficulties in the market reaction and sales. The newly born Hua Hai China World Trade Center has been harden by the market for the first time. "At that time Russian potassium sulfate imports at about 50 thousand tons each year, importers rush to buy, the off-season a few households do not deal. In the period of market chaos, the price of the imported potassium sulfate of 53% Russia is lower than that of the domestic 50% potassium sulfate. Because importers are more vicious competition, no brand awareness, and too many distribution levels, products from provincial dealers, city dealers, county-level distributors, to the level of dealers at the same level, many grassroots dealers sell a bag of chemical fertilizer to earn only 2-3 wool. In order to break the stalemate, we took the initiative to discuss with Cargill Inc and Sino Arab companies at that time and learn their advanced marketing experience and product brand marketing mode. The company enrolls high-quality personnel, sets up training bases, sends marketing teams to all parts of the country, and gradually transforms to the advanced marketing model.
"Since 2000, China World Trade Center has obtained the exclusive agency of Russia's potassium sulfate, signing a large contract each year, one year on a price. To get the right agent, the company resolutely cancel provincial dealers, set up north and south two regional sales, each station unified price, unified retail price, to ensure that all levels of dealer profits; at the same time in the same industry took the lead in the State Administration of trademarks registered trademarks, trademarks and logos will be marked on the packaging bag, the fake, Chuanhuo. Three days can not find the source, according to the fake treatment; found fake is not reported within 3 days, directly responsible personnel dismissal. In addition, the company is actively studying sales experience to foreign companies, strengthening agricultural services, organizing promotional activities, upgrading packaging, and standardizing market behavior. " An antidote against the disease。 Get instant results。 At the beginning of the new century, Huahai company quickly formed the layout of the national sales network, and increased the retail price of Russia by 500-600 yuan / ton, and introduced the high-quality compound fertilizer products of many large enterprises in Russia. In the past 2002-2004 years, Huahai China World Trade Center has been the first importing fertilizer in Manchuria port. The annual import of compound fertilizer has reached about 400000 tons, nearly 200 thousand tons of potassium chloride and 50 thousand tons of potassium sulfate.
After 2004, the domestic fertilizer explosive growth, the outbreak of domestic production capacity and market gradually replace the imported and domestic phosphate fertilizer quality and productivity rising, let import sales by more and more impact. Transformation has been the trend of the times. "In 2005 we began to strengthen cooperation and domestic phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer production enterprises, continue to strengthen and Yuntianhua, Yihua, Wengfu, auspicious clouds enterprises such as cooperation, establish good cooperation with the Saline Lake, Tibet, Luo lattice K, CITIC Guoan, fertilizer manufacturers. The first half of 2012, domestic potash downturn, China Sea and reservoir to determine the 'base poly' lattice model of cooperation, breaking the domestic potash was due to sales difficulties generally credit pattern, Huahai annual payment to 800 million yuan prepaid hidden lattice K, then become the company's largest trading agents Tibet grid, accounting the total yield Tibet lattice 2/5. On the one hand, the company has stabilized the company's leading trader status in the domestic potash market, and has also formed a firm strategic partnership with Zang Ge. The move was a great shock to the whole Golmud potash circle in the year. Because it completely broke the "tradition" on credit sales, promote the domestic potash trade into cash payment. The price of domestic potash fertilizer is no longer stranded by funds, and there is enough profit space to give profit to the big customers, and it is good for the good development of two aspects of production and marketing. " Zhang Juntao said.
Extruding granulation to set off the revolution of potash fertilizer
Relying on the advantage of running fertilizer marketing network in more than 20 provinces of China over the past more than 10 years, Huahai China World Trade Center has formed long-term strategic cooperation with several leading enterprises of chemical fertilizer resources in China. The domestic potash company, Golmud Tibet lattice potash limited one of the largest agents, sales agents for potash, potassium and Saline Lake Xinjiang, Qinghai CITIC Guoan, and other domestic manufacturers of potassium chloride and potassium sulfate has many years of good cooperative relations; in terms of import potash company is one of the China in the main agent of potassium sulfate in Russia, to maintain long-term cooperation with a large number of imports of potassium chloride in the Heilongjiang times, middle peasants, agriculture, agricultural abundance, Zhejiang, Hui Russia potash fertilizer plant, to maintain the stability of good production and supply relationship with many domestic small and medium-sized fertilizer manufacturers; phosphate fertilizer company, as the provincial general agent Holland Ross chemical group a variety of potassium sulfate type agent, compound fertilizer China Europeanized group multiple potassium chloride agent, compound fertilizer China domestic phosphate fertilizer enterprise core The regional general agent, and in the nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer export and cooperation with a number of production enterprises.
Just as the agricultural circulation enterprises, the land Huahai China World Trade Center lay to the warlords. However, it is not only Zhang Juntao's success code, but also the enterprise character of China World Trade Center in Huahai. This time, he moved his eyes to the upper reaches of the industry, hoping to show more ambition from the industry chain. In Manchuria, the company has built a large grain potash processing plant with 80 thousand tons of adult production, and has been operating normally for many years.
In Xiangyang, Hubei, a joint venture of Hubei Xiangyun group and Hubei Wanfeng chemical company was set up to produce 500 thousand tons of compound fertilizer, organic inorganic compound fertilizer and water soluble fertilizer. The project was put into operation in October 2014.
In Golmud, Qinghai, the annual output of over 300 thousand tons of large granular potash fertilizer project -- Golmud Tibetan Huada granule potassium fertilizer Co., Ltd. was put into operation in December 2014. It is the largest granular potash fertilizer processing plant in China, and its product weight is higher than that of imported and domestic similar products.
Golmud, the company and the Golmud Tibet lattice Limited by Share Ltd joint venture in Tibet potash Wo Technology Co Ltd, the construction of 1 million tons of high purity potassium sulfate production project started in March 2017, completed and put into production, will be built after Xinjiang Lop Nor the world's second largest manufacturer of potassium sulfate and the world's largest high purity water soluble potassium sulfate production plant......
Zhang Juntao believes that joint venture construction and strong joint are an important form of strengthening cooperation between China Sea and resource-based leading enterprises. "In 2001, we built the first processing plant in the northeast of China using the German extrusion granulation technology. In 2014, we made use of the resource advantages of Zang Ge to build factories and adopt the most advanced technology and equipment in Germany. The quality of products was improved and the logistics cost was low, which was favored by the mainstream mixed fertilizer producers and farmers in China. In the field of extruding granular potash fertilizer, the 300 thousand tons of production capacity in China Sea is the first in the country. "
On the one hand sales, one hand production, China World Trade Center Huahai complete commercial territory is to improve the significance of business balance, at the same time in the diversified development of the greater extent the market initiative in their own hands. The next few years, continue to strengthen the leading enterprises and domestic resources and other large enterprises and two-way complementary cooperation, construction and services also continue to strengthen the national sales network, which is the development of ideas and direction in China persevere, "we strive to win-win mutual benefit and common development of upstream and downstream agricultural enterprises, I strive to provide better products and the service for the Chinese farmers."

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