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Our exhibitors' Eighteenth Annual domestic sales will be 'high concentrations of phosphate

Time of publication:2018/02/08

Huahai international group participated in the "eighteenth high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer production will"

"The eighteenth domestic high concentrations of phosphate and compound fertilizer production" in November 2017 10-12 in Wuhan New International Expo Center opened the curtain, Huahai international exhibitors.
"Domestic production of high concentration phosphate compound fertilizer industry will not only showcase event, but also the exchange of information, ideas, grasp the direction of the platform. Held at the same time report will focus on the demand side (Agriculture) changing industry requirements, select the three special report, respectively "new technology and new products new conversion type of operastion" (referred to as the "four new") macroeconomic situation analysis symposium, symposium, and sulfur fertilizer market analysis report. The organizers carefully invited the NDRC, the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, Petrochemical Association and other relevant leaders and national agricultural technology extension and service center, the National Agricultural Engineering Research Center for information technology, the Ministry of agriculture land quality detection and protection center of Ministry of agriculture, microbial fertilizer quality supervision and testing center, China Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University and other heavy experts domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises gathered, the right to explore the macro economic trend, the national fundamental policy, grasp the development trend of the industry; analysis of industrial innovation and upgrading, service transformation and development trend of the development of the sample, guide the industry; research on global energy and fertilizer development trend, occupy the market development opportunities; guide enterprises to actively promote innovation and transformation and upgrading, promote sustainable and healthy development of the industry.
The experts agreed that, at present, China's economy has been a rapid growth stage to high quality is in the stage of development, change the mode of development, optimize the economic structure, transform the growth momentum of the research period, the construction of modern economic system is an urgent requirement across the mark and the development of our strategic objectives. Comply with the national fundamental policy, the fertilizer industry will continue to promote the supply side structural reform. The chemical fertilizer industry should promote the structural reform of the supply side from five aspects. The first is to dissolve the contradiction of overcapacity and promote the efficiency of traditional industries. One of the major measures is to strictly control the new capacity, and to set up a capacity replacement mechanism in some industries to achieve the equivalent or reduction of the total output of the industry. At present, the Ministry of industry and information is carrying out the research on the capacity replacement program in the nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer industry. The second is to implement the innovation driven strategy. We must adhere to technological innovation as the first power to lead the development of the industry, and strive to break through a number of key supply technologies, such as intelligent manufacturing key technologies and large complete sets of equipment, and provide technical support for the industry. The third is to promote the integration of the two and improve the competitiveness of the enterprises. The fourth is to adhere to the development of safety and green, and enhance the ability of sustainable development. The fifth is to further promote international cooperation capacity, a solid job "The Belt and Road" strategic layout.
As in previous years, Huahai international has attached great importance to the conference. It has made a reservation to the conference company and sent all the staff members to the meeting. '


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