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2017.2.22-24 day "2017 FOB Yantai chemical fertilizer forum" was held in Nanjing.

Time of publication:2018/02/06

2017.2.22-24 daily meeting "2017 FOB Yantai chemical fertilizer forum"

2017.2.22 day -24 is sponsored by Yantai Port Group Co., Ltd., and the 2017 FOB Yantai fertilizer forum held by Yantai port cargo management Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Nanjing. There are from all over the country's fertilizer production and circulation enterprises, fertilizer traders and the national development and Reform Commission, customs, inspection and quarantine, railway and other more than 160 units, more than 300 representatives attended the meeting, Huahai international chairman Zhang Juntao, general manager Tang Jianguo attended the international trade.
The forum to exchange and cooperation, development and win-win as the theme, invited to the national development and Reform Commission trade division, China ASEAN agricultural nitrogen fertilizer industry association, chamber of Commerce, China China potash and potash industry branch, Zhengzhou commodity exchange and other department leaders and experts meeting, the fertilizer industry market reform process, China's export situation and nitrogen fertilizer the prospect of potash, potash industry analysis, urea and futures industry development to make a special report, and build the Yantai port chemical fertilizer distribution center "symposium. The participating companies up to more than 100, the Swiss Ameropa group, American security group, Jin Jian, and Tianyuan Tianze large chemical fertilizer trade and manufacturers all the scene, more than 350 participants.
A company's colleagues participated in the discussion, combined with the actual situation of our company, and actively participated in various discussions. Not only did we learn and exchange front-end industry information with colleagues, but also expanded the influence of the company in the industry. For our further development of international business, we will seek new cooperation platforms and opportunities. In addition, the participants also gave a high evaluation of the meeting.


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