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2017.12 China Sea International Trade Department participates in the "training course for African

Time of publication:2018/02/08

In December 2017 7-8, Huahai international trade manager Tang Jianguo, Zou Xiaoyan attended the "2017 of African imports of capacity building training, the training by China CCPIT investment and Trade Promotion Department, Chinese CCPIT (China International Chamber of Commerce) training center of Shandong Province, CCPIT, Yantai City Council to undertake jointly. A total of 227 enterprises and 316 people participated in the training.

The training conference contains two-way content of the import and export of Africa. Yantai customs, China certification inspection group, in the non cross-border trade platform, non cross-border logistics platform for Africa experts around the import and export customs supervision policy, export to Africa goods testing procedures, customs clearance, national policy and legal risks, to import and export trade, according to the analysis of large numbers of African import and export goods category and product line selection in Africa, the import and export of goods logistics solutions etc., seriously study the trainees, prepare for our further into the African market.

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