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The introduction of a new strategic partner of Yuntianhua Co., LTD- Yantai Huahai International

Time of publication:2019/05/13

In the afternoon of May 13, the signing ceremony of capital increase and share expansion and introduction of strategic partners of Kunming Honghai Phosphate Fertilizer Co., LTD was held formally in the joint-stock company. Joint-stock company deputy general manager ShiYongLin, vice minister of strategic development Jiang Jijun, Yuntianhua Agricultural materials chain Co. LTD. party secretary as well as the Honghai phosphate chairman Ye Jianyong attended the signing ceremony, Zhang Juntao, General Manager of Yantai Huahai International Trading Co. LTD as the strategic partner of phosphate fertilizer to the Honghai and the Honghai company leadership team members, also attended the signing ceremony.


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