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Compound fertilizer (18-18-18+TE)

Product classification:Functional Fertilizer Series

1. Main Features
1.1 Bubble generation, carbon and oxygen supplementation, and promote photosynthesis;
1.2 Accelerate the formation of soil particles, loosen soil consolidation, increase soil permeability, and promote roots in living soil;
1.3 Fast dissolution rate, gelatinous after dissolution, with viscosity, water and fertilizer, improve fertilizer utilization rate;
1.4 The dissolution process is an exothermic process, and the ground temperature does not decrease in winter (compared with other water-soluble fertilizers with a large number of elements);
1.5 pH value around 6.5, near neutral, can adjust the acid base.
2. Product efficacy
2.1 Can rapidly supplement the small molecular carbon required by crops, promote the photosynthesis of crops, thick and thick leaves thick and green, and make plants robust;
2.2 Rapid fruit expansion, regular fruit type, smooth and shiny epidermis;
2.3 It can retain water, increase fertilizer efficiency, reduce watering times and reduce fertilizer use;
2.4 Improve the aggregate structure of soil, improve the soil hardening status, increase soil permeability, promote rooting, and do not reduce ground temperature;
2.5 Neutral fertilizers can alleviate soil acidification and reduce salt damage.

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