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Blue Water Soluble NPK Biological Liquid Fertilizer

Product classification:Functional Fertilizer Series

Classfication: NPK soluble fertilizer
Appearance: blue liquid
Release type: quick
Application: fruits and vergetables
CAS: 66455-26-3
EINECS: 56632-41
MF: N-P2O5-K2O 150-150-300 G/L
Organic: 0
Brand: Shuangbao
pH: 6.8
Bacterial count: ≥10x108 cfu/ml
Blue Water Soluble NPK Biological Liquid Fertilizer
1. Brief Introduction:
Water Soluble NPK biological liquid fertilizer, is Baoyuan’s latest product in 2014. It is adopting citric acid as substance, NPK in reasonable rate. While providing comprehensive nutrition, it is also able to relieve the bad influence on crops’ quantity and quality, caused by soil born disease. It makes the agricultural production more natural and eco-friendly, the agricultural commodity more superior and safe.
2. Features:
1)Promote fruiting and increase output: the nitrate nitrogen and trace elements like Calcium, Zinc, Boron, Iron etc. compose full nutrients for fast absorption. The high-enriched potassium will promote fruiting and swelling and increase output.
2)Natural and safe: without hormone, safety guaranteed; good coloration, better profit. 
3. Specification:




NPK Soluble Suspension Liquid Fertilizer

N-P-K (g/L)


TE (g/L)



Blue liquid


3L / Botttle

4. Application Range:
It is suitable for all fruit trees and vegetable. 
5. Application Method and Amounts:
It is used as additive fertilizer and foliar fertilizer.
For additive fertilizer: flushing, dropping, filtrating, and spraying, 3—6 liters per acre;
For foliar fertilizer: dilute over 1200 times.
6. Package and Storage:
Please store in room temperature. Shelf life: three years. No swallowing.

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