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Calcium glycolate liquid fertilizer

Product classification:Functional Fertilizer Series

Calcium glycolate liquid fertilizer 
一、产品特点 钙≥ 180g/L
1. 1. This product is made of pure natural sugar alcohol as chelating agent. The calcium nutrient has a high mobility. After spraying, sugar alcohol is used as carrier, which is attached to the leaf surface for a long time, easy to absorb, and has quick effect. It can be directly transported to the calcium needed parts of the crop through the xylem and phloem, quickly supplement the calcium nutrient, promote the growth and development of the leaf, and improve the hardness and quality of the fruit.
2. After application, it can effectively prevent physiological calcium deficiency diseases of crops, such as apple bitter pox, water heart disease, tomato navel rot, Chinese cabbage dry heartburn, pear black heart disease, fruit cracking, fruit rust, etc.
3,   The product can effectively provide calcium element for crop growth, promotecell division, improve the Thickness and tenacity of fruit cortex, regulate the permeability of plant cell membrane, reduce the synthesis of ethylene, thus prolonging the fruit setting period and preservation period of crops, in addition, it can be combined with calcium regulated egg white in crops, with physiological regulation function, regulate the activity of some enzymes, enhance plant disease resistance and cold resistance , drought resistance.
二、Usage and dosage
Dilute 800-2000 times, apply once every 7-10 days, spray 2-4 times continuously, spray 1-2 times 45-60 days before harvest.
三、Applicable crops
It is widely used for top dressing and bottom dressing of various field crops, fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, tea trees, medicinal materials, flowers, tobacco and oil crops.
四、matters needing attention
If the opening is not used up, please keep it sealed and store it in a cool and dry place. Do not expose it to the sun.

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