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Urea formaldehyde Compound Fertilizer 17-17-17

Product classification:Functional Fertilizer Series

Classification: compound fertilizer
Type: SOP
Other name: ureaformaldehyde fertilizer
Appearance: white granular
Release type: slow
Application: fruits and vegetables
Moisture: 1.2%
Organic substance: >=15%
Humic acid: >=8%
Amino acid: >=5%
MF:N-P2O5-K 2O 17-17-17
CAS: 66455-26-3
EINECS: 56632-41
Urea formaldehyde Compound Fertilizer 17-17-17
1. Brief Introduction
The ureaformaldehyde compound fertilizer is manufactured by the advance technology process of poly ureaform, and added by chelated TE for comprehensive and lasting effect.
2. Features
Balanced sulphate nitrate based nutrient, the ureaform is quick, strong and lastingly released. Nitrogen nutrients effective for 3-4 months; the methylene nitrogen overcomes the influence of climate and soil structure, its nutrients loss less and better be absorbed by crops. 
Its fertility is stable and improved 60—80% than other fertilizers. 
NPK, organic substance, humic acid and amino acid are rich and reasonablely formulated;
Besides, we also add chelated TE such as Ca, B, Zn, Mg, Fe etc. which are necessary for fruits and vegetables. They effectively resist to diseases such as fruit spots, odd fruit, yellowtop leaf etc. which are caused by TE deficiency. The fertilizer is excellent in Cultivation of Resilience.
3. Specification




Sulphate Nitrate Base

Total Nutrients (%)


N-P-K (%)


Organic Substance (%)


Humic Acid (%)


Amino Acid (%)



White granular


50 kgs per bag

4. Application Range
All crops.
5. Application Method and Amount
It can be used as base fertilizer and additive fertilizer. Keep separate with seeds. 40—100kg per acre.
Caution: this product contains biuret. It may cause harms for crops in case of improper handling.
6. Package and Storage
Please store at cool and dry place. No swallowing.

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