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NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer Micronutrients 20-10-30

Product classification:Functional Fertilizer Series

Classification: NPK fertilzer
Other name: soluble fertilizer, high nitrogen NPK fertilizer
Appearance: white powder
Release type: quick, fully soluble
Application: fruits and vegetables
CAS: 66455-26-3
EINECS: 56632-41
pH: 5.2
Moisture: 0.3%
NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer Micronutrients 20-10-30
1. Brief Description
The NPK water soluble fertilizer micronutrient is manufactured by high purified raw materials, fully and instantly soluble. The enriched Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Boron etc is able to be absorbed throughly. The special additives ensure the long and stable releasing of nutrients for a high efficiency.
2. Features
1) Fast Swelling Fruits: with upgraded proportion of NPK, and Nitrogen Nitrate as ingredients, the fertilizer is fast in fruit swelling.
2) Disease Resistance: the fertilizer is enriched with chelated elements like Calcium, Boron, and Magnisium etc. which effectively reduce diseases.
3) Reliable Quality: we strictly control the quality of imported raw materials, by means of multiple incoming checks.
3. Specification




NPK soluble fertilizer

Total Nutrients (%)


N-P-K (%)


Mn (%)


Zn (%)



White powder


5 kg/bag, 4 bags/carton

4. Application Range
It is suible for all fruit trees and vegetables.
5. Application Method and Amounts
It is used as additive fertilizer and leaf fertilizer.
Additive fertilizer: 5-10 kgs per acre, by flushing, dropping, infiltrating, and spraying. Leaf Fertilizer: dilute 1000 times for spraying.
6. Package and Storage
Please store at cool and dry place, without exposing at strong sunshine and extra humid place.
It is forbidden to transport and store together with foodstaff, seeds and other fertilizers. 
Avoid touching with children and livestock.
Shelf period: 36 months.

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