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NPK humic acid soluble fertilizer

Product classification:Functional Fertilizer Series

NPK humic acid soluble fertilizer
NPK 15-10-20, 10-5-22
Humic acid ≥4.0%, nitrate ≥4.5%
Increase production and income, promote early maturation
The fruit expanded quickly, increased the sugar content by 4-6 degrees, increased the yield by more than 15%, matured 7 to 10 days in advance, increased the yield and increased the income obviously, contained nitrate nitrogen, the plant absorbed efficiency was high, the effect was quick.
Strong roots and strong seedlings prevent diseases
Improve the root activity of the plant, enhance the drought resistance, cold resistance, resistance to heavy stubble and other resilience.
Adjust acid and alkali, improve soil
Improve the soil structure, increase the degree of soil looseness, reduce soil hardening, improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer.
Rich nutrition, comprehensive function
Rich in high quality water-soluble organic matter, active substances, humic acid, microbial agents and chelated calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron and other trace elements, can prevent various physiological diseases caused by lack of element.
The registered crop is lettuce, suitable for the whole growth period.
Application method: can be broadcast, irrigation, drip irrigation, spray irrigation, etc.
Recommended dosage: 10-20kg/mu of irrigation, 5-10kg/mu of drip irrigation, best effect every 10-15 days.

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